Sarah Vanlandegen: Adventures in Italy

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  1. Sean Thornton says:

    I am an American living and working in Naples for two years now. There is a saying,” If you stay for a day, you will hate it. If you stay for a week you will love it. If you stay for a month you will never want to leave.” I think the last part is because you have had your car or household goods stolen and you are still looking for them. There are always good and bad things about a place. I have lived all over the world from Asia, the middle east and in Europe. Naples by far is the most interesting and aggravating place I have ever lived. Naples is a sub cutlture of Italy with its own personality, language and traditions. One of which is the lack of respect for any thing and anyone outside of their family. You can see this in how they drive to throwing trash out the car windows and just dumping things on the side of the road. You have to watch out for everything and not trust anyone. There is a thirty percent unemployment rate because most work is paid under the table so as not to pay taxes. I have a Napolitano wife and many friends and it is explained to me this way. When an American wakes up his first thoughts are “What can I do today that is productive or fun?”. The first thought of a Napolitano is “How can I get over on someone or something today?” Every purchase, business arrangement or appointment has an underlying meaning (Camorra) or possibilities of less than ethical or moral outcome. Having said all of this why do I still live here? Because there are always diamonds in the rough and Naples has many. I am more cynical than I have ever been but I have lived more that I have ever lived before. The food, the sites, the summer and when you have a chance to meet a good person hold onto them because they are few and far between. Once you make a friend it is for life. Yes there are thieves, human trafficking for prostitution, lack of respect for anyone or anything but living in the moment is exciting. The motto for Naples is “Live for today for Vesuvius my end it all tomorrow.” So if you have an aversion to living in the old west fashion, Spaghetti Western, then please avoid Naples. If not keep an open mind, your wallet close and enjoy.