ONE organization aims to fight poverty and sickness

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  1. Colton Davis says:

    Just for clarifications purpose from the President of the organization himself, ONE is not a fundraiser club, nor is it a charity organization. Simply put, we do NOT accept outside donations from any one person or any other organization for that matter. ONE is a grassroots ADVOCACY organization that is PRIVATELY funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, and we strive to RAISE AWARENESS for preventative diseases and poverty throughout the underdeveloped world, in conjunction with numerous other causes. ONE @ Drake does occasionally hold fundraising events from time to time to raise money for many of our partner organizations, and at times for our very own student organization here on campus (since we are a brand new organization this semester,and unfortunately are not allocated any funding by Drake currently), but ONE itself (outside of Drake) does not receive any of the proceeds made.

    So with that said, if you’re interested in joining the ONE organization on campus, meetings will resume on Sunday, January 30th @ 9pm in the Pomerantz Conference Room located right next to the south doors of Olmsted.

    Thanks for covering our organization in The TImes-Delphic! Kudos from ONE and its student members! 🙂