Food, Family and Football: The best way to celebrate Thanksgiving

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  1. student says:

    I thought the article lacked clarity and didn’t have a direction. Two of the Fs, food and family was briefly mentioned in the opening paragraph while rest of the article talked about football. The 2nd paragraph wasn’t very clear explaining the views from disgruntled fans regarding one of the football games.

    The game schedule should have included the time zone which the games will be played in, as Drake has students from all over the country, including Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific time zones. The author’s opinions were expressed, but they could have been expanded upon a lot more instead of leaving the thought with one or two sentences.

    To bring it back to the author’s opening statements, you remember the three Fs of Thanksgiving, right? With only one of the three, it just doesn’t seem right. Great idea for a column, but this either should have been a 3-part column with 2 other columnist for family and food or the author should have done a better job including the other two Fs.