The Professor Project premiers in Drake’s Anderson Gallery

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  1. Raventinkie says:

    Clearification: The drawing exhibit on the second floor is in the Weeks Gallery! The Anderson Gallery on the first floor and the Weeks Gallery on the second floor are separate. In the Weeks Gallery: students in Professor Benjamin Gardner’s drawing class and students in a poetry class collaborated to create the exhibit called “Call & Response”. Artwork by students in “Call & Response” did not necessarily have work in “The Mallea Project” (Professorship Project), although a couple students did, because they are currently studying both Drawing and Painting in those particular Drawing and Painting classes.

    Pudding? Seriously? How about delicious butternut squash soup! It was so good! + like ten million other things! Friends of Drake Arts gave $200 more dollars to the Professorship Project opening..! Thank you, Friends of Drake Arts!

    Great article. Collaborative projects like this really make this University and has made my experience here special!

  2. Anderson Gallery says:

    Additional clarification:

    The show will actually be open to the public through November 7th. Please visit the gallery and see the work the painting students completed for this project! The gallery is open from noon to 4pm Tuesday through Sunday, and is free!

    If you are interested in learning more, Professor Amahia Mallea will be having an informal discussion with the artists in the gallery on Friday, October 22nd from 5-6pm. It is free and open to the public for attendance.

    For more information on gallery events and exhibitions, you can visit our website (http://www.drake.edu/andersonagallery) or find us on facebook.

  3. Raventinkie says:

    I need to edit my previous comment: “Great article,” since the article is confused and misinformed. Please practice good Journalism and write an accurate article.

  4. Scarlett November says:

    The photo above where the article describes Rachel Crown’s artwork, is deffinately not her work–that is very deceptive to the reader. The “Call and Response” show and the “Mallea Project” are completely different shows and will be up and open ALL MONTH not just the previous weekend which merely featured the galleries celabratory “opening” on Friday.
    There was also no poetry reading at the “Call and Response” show, the artwork was simply displayed with the poetry and the quote about this featured in the article gets the facts all wrong.
    If you are going to write an article featured in a college magazine, learn to get the facts right and don’t just copy and paste things from random sources to fulfill the writing requirement.

    Thank You 🙂

  5. H. A. Wist says:

    Please get your facts straight before publishing articles. This piece was botched and elementary. The lack of attention to details is insulting.There was no poetry read at the opening. You’ve paired Rachel’s quote with a different painting. etc.

    “The Mallea Project” and “Call and Recall” are two SEPARATE art shows that had a joint opening. The Mallea Project is open to the public during the regular hours of the Anderson Gallery until Nov. 7th.

    The works featured in The Mallea Project were made in response to a presentation by professor Mallea about her research. This presentation enlightened the artists with some history and ideas of urban infrastructure particularly in the Kansas City water system. The complex relationships between people and the environment were brought up, particularly the idea that people who live in the city are separate from the rivers that support them. The artists created more than just illustrations of presented material, they are engaging in an informed visual discourse.

    Please review
    1) how to analyze artworks
    2) how to match photographs with their descriptions
    3) how to take and present other people’s quotes