Senior plans road trip to the Rally to Restore Sanity

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Comments (2)
  1. Linda McGowan says:

    Hey Matt, Terrific commentary! My husband and I are going too and look forwared to level headedness and sanity! We’re in our sixty’s and have seen the change in rhetoric. It’s scary out there and hopefully, we can push for sanity! Linda and John McGowan

  2. l lewis says:

    Great essay! The rally are being held in a number of states around the country. I am in Sacramento, California. There has been a grass roots effort to bring all these folks to our capitol building for an afternoon meetup after watching the Washington rally. We are not a red state or a blue state. Americans need to get away from this either/or mentality and face the challenges that need complex and rational solutions. This rally is uniting everyone across the US. This is a big virtual handshake.