Respect for life month displays opinion on abortion

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  1. Alex Roth says:

    Hi. As the organization president of Respect for Life, I wanted to clarify a couple points in this article.

    (1) In the published version of the paper today, the caption was incorrect. It said the crosses represent the number of children aborted around the world every 41 minutes. This number actually represents only the abortions occurring in the U.S. There is a huge difference: While in the U.S., there are approximately 1,500 abortions a day, worldwide, there are over 112,000 daily. This means that worldwide, it takes just over 2 minutes for 100 abortions to occur.

    (2) We are not affiliated in any way with the “national” Respect for Life group referenced. I’m also not sure that that is a “national” group; if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, it looks like they are just a local group in Oregon.

    (3) Drake Respect for Life has no religious or political affiliation. It’s somewhat misleading to quote a Catholic website.

    Finally, just from a journalistic and ethical perspective, it seems like it would have made sense to contact the organization actually sponsoring the event. Our email address and my phone number were on the signs mentioned in the article. Perhaps this way, these mistakes could have been avoided and you would not have had to rely on the first website that appears when you Google the phrase “respect for life.”

  2. Steph says:

    Why didn’t you actually interview someone apart of the organization? The two people quoted seem like you just pulled them off the street and asked one question.

    also you say: “Most Drake students, whether for or against the cause, support the way the organization is speaking out against abortion.” I don’t think that is true. Just yesterday I talked to several people who don’t agree with this statement or aren’t sure if they really approve of the way the organization displayed their views. I have no problem with speaking out for what one believe, but did you base that sentence on the 2 people you talked to, or do you actually have proof that a majority of Drake students feel the way you claim? I’ve heard otherwise. It feels like not much research actually went into this article.

  3. Ben says:

    I am profoundly offended by the way this article seeks to claim that most Drake students support this movement. To be fair, there is a strong pro-life presence on campus, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, abortion is a very hot topic and is strongly supported on both sides. I think that it is an unfair blanket statement to say that “Most Drake students, whether for or against the cause, support the way the organization is speaking out against abortion.” I know many people who are offended like me as well, as I do NOT support this sort of statement for one main reason.

    The crosses look like crosses for fallen soldiers. I feel that this is a disgrace to our veterans, both living and deceased.