Law student promotes accuracy

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  1. Canis Latus says:

    Ms. Voge has apparently discovered, firsthand, as I and many others have, that the press has no interest in accuracy, truth, or thoroughness.
    The popular media are interested only in filling space for publication as a means of justifying charging for advertising.
    If there is any motivating philosophy involved, it is to promote conflict and dissension as grist for the mill, plus promotion of the owners’/publishers’ social and political interests.
    Accordingly, we no longer trust them to inform us about matters of import and significance.
    This is why the popular media are increasingly less popular and unable to sustain themselves financially.

  2. Lauren says:

    I understand the misquotation, and agree with Theresa in that there needs to be more accuracy in reporting the news, even if it is something one might consider menial. However, as a Journalism student, I am taken aback at the Canis Latus comment that “the press has no interest in accuracy, truth, or thoroughness.”
    Drake holds more Pacemaker awards this year than any other school in the nation, which I assure you does not come from simply filling space to justify advertising. Yes, there is unethical news reporting in this country, perhaps now more than ever. But, refuting one of Drake’s most popular colleges is not the smartest move, and I suggest looking deeper into the subject than simply taking your frustrations of certain national news outlets out on a minor mistake by your school’s newspaper.