Listen up Drake University men

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  1. curtis50 says:

    man i love chicken

  2. relationGuru88 says:

    Buying roses every week is not special? wow woman im not made of money, i cant even afford that!

  3. rofl says:

    you should be banned from writing articles ever again

    1. Robb says:


  4. CEman says:

    I don’t get #5. Wouldn’t you WANT people to pay for you? If it matters, just ‘pay him back’, if you catch my drift. 😉

  5. Bridgette says:

    Please stop speaking for all women.
    Please stop using “we” and “us” like you surveyed every woman on Drake’s campus.
    This article is nothing more than a personal ad. We get it, you’re a “guy’s girl”.

    1. MEAN GIRL says:

      SHE DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE!!!……(bridgette)

  6. Gregory Gonzalez says:

    I just have to say, you sound like a horrible person to get involved with in a relationship.

    1. Robb says:


  7. JESSICA says:

    I think Jen’s columns are awesome and do not speak for all women. No, she did not survey the Drake population, but she did speak for those which she knows (which is probably quite a few considering she lives in a house with 55 other women).

    Also, I believe she would be a stellar friend and girlfriend! If you so passionately disagree, I suggest speaking up and writing a column. I’m sure the opinions editor would love to hear your relationship ideas.

  8. M says:

    Jen –

    I think your article is very fun. People need to take these points with a grain of salt. They aren’t necessarily saying that EVERYONE feels this way, just that they are common relationship quirks that you highlight and make fun of!

    Lighten up people, this column wasn’t meant to offend.

    A lot of people love your columns 🙂

  9. aaron says:

    -gregory, youre a hater and dont even know the girl so you should get bent
    -rofl youre just jealous that you too stupid to write an awesome article like this yourself and probably hating on it cuz you cant get a girl
    -bridgette, this is an OPINION article as it notes in the header….so everyones entitled to their opinions, I feel bad for you that youre too dumb to realize that. and OBVIOUSLYnot every girl is portrayed here, but its from a collection of opinions, therefore its not a personal ad as you. once again, i feel bad for whoever has to date you cuz you seem like a …… i wont go there!

    its a great article, so all of you haters should find a new hobby and get bent

  10. diesel says:

    i think the article was fantastic. a personal ad bridgette? really? its an OPINION article! i mean obivously she probably didnt interview every woman on drakes campus, but im sure its from a lot of different collective view points of woman so its trying to speak as a whole! and just cuz all of you may not agree with a point or 2 doesnt mean you have to hate on her article, are you all just jealous or something? im sure you dont even know the author gregory and are just hating on her cause you have nothing else to do with your time. ROFL, youer WAY off base, her articles are awesome, and i dont see you picking up a labtop and writing anything! i think all of you that are hatin’ need to get a new hobby and stop talking trash about a great article. i think you all know that youre wrong and are just saying things to say it.

  11. D says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with Bridgette.

  12. Really? says:

    Wow, you really think you’re writing for all drake women? This is total b.s. Some of us don’t make out with random guys that we have no feelings for at the bar. Some of us don’t mind getting things paid for or listening to a guy be “overly-sensitive.” You can pass this off as your opinion, but did you even bother to ask other girls if they agreed with you on ANY of these?

  13. Kate says:

    Snaps! THANK YOU for explaining that we’re more than movie girls who expect boys to buy us roses and dinner and need a man more than a future. From the above comments I can guess that you don’t speak for all Drake women, but you sure as hell speak for me and all of the girls I care to know. We are more than arm candy, we can hook up without falling in love, and we want to be in equal relationships- thank you for addressing the independence we need now that we’ve gotten out of the 1950’s.