Bulldogs split weekend matches versus Valley foes

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  1. Tad Unruh says:

    [DISCLAIMER] As the author of this article I would like to correct a problem in this article. Instead of Senior Susan Clausen who was quoted, it was actually Sophomore Emily Heffernen. I apologize that in my time constraints of writing the article I completely and totally cited the wrong person. I had intended to interview Susan but didn’t. In my haste I had put Emily’s quotes under Susan’s name on my outline of the article. Therefore I cited Emily’s answers as Susan’s. It was a simple mix up. I hope when you read this article do not think wrongly of the Times Delphic and myself for this misrepresentation. I sincerely apologize to the volleyball team and to my editors. I will take much more care in editing in the future so as not to give out misinformation.

    Thank you,
    Tad Unruh