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Security Reports 9/30/2010

September 29, 2010 9:48 PM

Security was made aware of several students stealing food and having a food fight in Hubbell South on the evening of Sept. 17 around closing time.

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Drake continues to develop a ‘Culture of Philanthropy’

9:35 PM

Drake University is promoting a Culture of Philanthropy campaign to connect alum ni to current students

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Lacrosse club team begins first full season of competition

9:32 PM

“We have gathered a lot of old equipment, so most people can try out the sport for free”

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Harmon Fine Arts Center plagued by increase in criminal activity

9:26 PM

Drake Security says stolen items amount to $19,600 since May

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Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito to give Opperman Lecture

9:21 PM

SAMUEL ALITO was nominated as an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court by President George W. Bush.

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Campus Community website officially ready for use

9:18 PM

Links events together in a collective calendar

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‘Bulldog Fever–Bleeding Blue’ pep rally this Saturday

9:14 PM

“Students will get a chance to meet other people, socialize with each other, gain a sense of community and overall just have a great time and get in the school spirit before the homecoming game”

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Listen up Drake University men

9:05 PM

“What is with guys and obsessing with being ‘FB official’? It’s freaky! Stop it!”

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Campus organization pushes for Knapp Center support

9:00 PM

Reader’s response to “Delta Sigma Pi presents appeal to use Knapp Center” in the 9/27/10 issue.

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Student’s tuition subsidizing university athletic programs

8:54 PM

After reading USA Today’s feature on stu­dent fees paying for athletic programs, in the Wednesday, Sept. 22, issue, I was filled with dis­gust. Some schools at least had the cojones to charge an actual athletics fee, which for the most part was relatively minor. What got me, howev­er, was the […]

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