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Drake Magazine Wins Pacemaker

October 31, 2009 4:49 PM

Drake Magazine continues it long-standing tradition of excellence by winning yet another Pacemaker award by the Associated Collegiate Press today in Austin, Tex.

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The Original Motion

October 28, 2009 11:08 PM

Oct. 15 motion outlines four main allegations against Cooper

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RHA looks to bring in ice machines, free printing

11:03 PM

In the coming months, students may find themselves living in residence halls equipped with ice machines and free printing services.

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Major General discusses Guantanamo Bay

11:02 PM

CGC lecturer shares his military dissatisfaction with students

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Drake offers three study abroad summer seminars

11:00 PM

Three study seminars will give Drake students the chance to learn another country’s culture and earn credits toward their degree.

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Believe in what you preach

10:58 PM

The TD implores Senate to be public about Cooper referrals

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Ugh, I’m in college

10:57 PM

Stop complaining and start savoring the moments at Drake

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Quick & Easy Costumes

10:53 PM

OTHER LAST MINUTE COSTUME IDEAS: Wear all-black and wear a postage stamp to be black mail. Wear a necklace made of old CDs and carry around a lighter to be a CD burner. Try putting a pot on your head and wear a goofy grin.

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Bulldogs anchored by senior standout

10:52 PM

A highly touted recruiting class will combine with four returning seniors to lead Drake in the upcoming basketball season.

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Bulldogs season boils down to MVC race

10:51 PM

The Drake men’s cross country team posted a powerful finish Oct. 16 at the Bradley Invite – the team’s final tune-up race before the Missouri Valley Conference Championship Saturday.

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